What is a Giclée print

If you’re looking to buy some artwork online and do not know what Giclée means, this will give you a quick explanation of the term.

Giclée is based on a French word “Gicleur”, meaning nozzle and the verb “Gicler” which means to squirt or spray.  It was adapted by Jack Duganne in 1991, who was a print maker that wanted an attractive name to associate inkjet, computer generated printing of artwork.

Giclée was originally used to describe prints produced on a IRIS printer.  A large format, high resolution industrial prepress proofing inkjet printer and is now commonly known to mean any inkjet print.

So basically, Giclée is a fancy word for saying your artwork is being printed by an inkjet printer.  Very romantic don’t you think?

Referenced from Wikipedia Giclée