Art Lovers Guide To Buying Online

Are you an art lover, looking to buy a piece of art online for your home or as a  gift but not sure where to start?

There are numerous art stores online with more opening up as we speak.  This art lovers guide to buying online, will give you a quick overview on where you can buy and type of options available.   As an example, I have chosen one of my art pieces that is listed on these websites called Goose And Goslings.

Goose and GoslingsGoose and Goslings

Fine Art America

Fine Art America sell artists work on canvas, framed, metal, acrylic, posters and prints.  The prices will vary for artwork, as the artists choose their commission price, on top of the base price.

Fine Art America Purchase InformationPrices Fine Art America FramesFrames Fine Art Mat PaperMats

The canvas, framed, acrylic, metal and print are set for the smallest size in the above picture.

There are 14 frame types but they also have a few in different colours.  You are able to choose your mat colour, and your paper with 8 different types available.

You are not limited to buying the art as a picture.  Artwork is also available on shower curtains, tote bags, phone cases, and duvet covers plus more. If interested in one of these products visit Goose and Goslings on Fine Art America.

Society 6

Society 6 sell artists work on canvas, art prints, and framed.  They also sell the art on products like duvet covers, throw pillows, travel mugs and more.  The prices once again vary, as the artist can chose their own commission, with Society 6 having their base price.  I have seen some very popular artists charge reasonable prices for their work, while others up the commission considerably.

These prices from Society 6 are for the same picture Goose and Goslings.

Society6 Framed Print InformationFramed Art Print Society6 Canvas Print InformationCanvas Society 6 Art Print informationArt Print

Society 6 offer 8 different types of frames.  They come in Scoop Black, Scoop White, Vector Black, Vector White, Vector Red, Conservation Walnut, Conservation Pecan, and Conservation Natural.

They show a small video clip with information about canvas prints under the artwork.


ArtPal sell artists work framed, on canvas and as art prints.  They also sell mugs.

ArtPal Product Information Framed, Canvas, Print Art Pal Material Material ArtPal FramesFrames ArtPal Mat ColourMat Colours

ArtPal have a very large range of frame types to chose from.  They also offer different mat colours.  You can view the artwork in a real life environment, above a couch, in a dinning room, bedroom and hallway, so to imagine what it might look like in your home.

Deviant Art

Options available on Deviant Art are, canvas, art print and photo.  It looks like it only comes in two sizes for the art print: 16″ x 16″ and 24″ x 24″.  The art print is framed and there are 5 choices of frames, although they do not show you a good picture of what the frame looks like.  They have changed the colour of the framing picture on the website, when you choose to look at different frames, which does not look like a real life frame.  Prices for the art print is $154.12 for the 24″ and $80.30 for the 16″.

If you dig deep enough, you can find information on the paper quality and a small picture of the frame.

I am not sure how they price the artwork, as when I submitted Goose and Goslings onto their website, I was not asked how much commission I wished to add, so my guess is they only pay the artist a % of the profits.

Deviant Art FrameDeviant Art Frame Pictured

Their return policy is within 7 days of delivery, and it looks like you have to submit a help ticket through their website if you wish to return the product.  I also had to dig deep using the search to find the return policy as it was not obvious.

Quick Overview

Frame Types Mat Colours  Glass / Finish  Return Policy
Fine Art America
  •  14-20 in different colours.
  •  74
  •  Clear acrylic with foam core backing.
  •  Within 30 days of the order date
  •  8 in different colours.
  •  1 -White
  •  Acrylic Protection
  •  Within 60 days of delivery
 Art Pal
  •  46 plus different frame depths
  •  27 with mat width choice
  •  Standard acrylic or non glare acrylic
  •  30 day money back guarantee.
 Deviant Art
  •  5 with no real pictures
  •  1.5″ bright white border
  •  None
  •  7 days from delivery
  • Submit a help ticket