About Mannz Gallery

Maria AnnKia Ora, hello,  thank you for stopping by to view the art on Mannz Gallery.  My name is Maria Ann (hence the name Mannz). I am a photographer and digital artist from New Zealand.

If I was to write a mission statement it would be “Seeking beauty, giving to the world, warm fuzzy smiles”.  With so much bad news in our world today, we need more warm fuzzys, love and beauty around us.  Art for me is an expression of one’s self, one’s thoughts, and feelings.  A message we wish to express and possibly share with the world.

I was born and live in beautiful New Zealand.  My inspiration comes from the stunning landscapes, beaches, forests, bush and countryside of  the Horowhenua district in the Lower North Island and love for animals.
My home in Horowhenua District, New Zealand

Hokio Beach, New ZealandHokio Beach, Horowhenua, NZ Waitarere BeachWaitarere Beach, Horowhenua, NZ Farm Mountains, NZView of the Tararua Ranges, Horowhenua, NZ

I am passionate about science, space and nature, and find myself draw to express myself in these topics. I love high contrast. Simplicity to complexity. Going from deep darkness, to exploding with colour and light.  I love fractal art, and many of my art pieces have fractals in them.  I also enjoy extreme fine attention to detail and you can see this in my The Flower pictures, where I have used thousands of little fractal flowers to create the pictures.

On my product pages you will find my art and graphic design work, which I am selling through Zazzle.  So if you are looking for unique pieces, that are not mass produced in China, you may see something you like.

I have designed this website to showcase my art and promote other artists.  The website has been designed to have a clean, uncluttered, advert free experience.  Although I am advertising for you to follow me on Facebook.  If you were to go to a real life gallery, you would not see advertising next to every picture, in the halls or on the walls, so I have kept it advert free, believing art should be for art and not marketed in a way to suck every dollar possible out of my visitors.

I do make a small commission from promoting other artists work, if you were to buy it through a link I have promoted.  The artist who’s work you buy, does not receive less from my commission, as they have set the price they want for their work.  My commission is taken from the website hosting the art and is only a few dollars.

Please feel free to make enquiries and contact me.

Thank you for visiting.  😀

Maria Ann